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RTU2 was founded under a project developed by a member of the company and is still currently under development now to expand the possibilities of Photorealistic Computer Generated Images. However, as it was designed under a media based course and thus developed a multi-media based production facility in the North of England.

Please feel free to look round our growing media rich content site full of video, audio and visual imaging to games and other nifty gadgets.

  The RTU2 Animation Real Time Unit Project is a research and development area of RTU2. and why the company was founded. Originally the project was founded under the support of a hardware manufacturer that produced astonishing results due to its computational power. Now RTU2 is developing its own hardware engine that works specifically under distributed and parallel computing.


At present the project holds a network application that sorts and manages the distribution of jobs in a hardware manner which is the constraint of the actual raytracing process. Keeping this in mind will produce the actual requirements of the architecture.

The current stage is a raytracing application that produces near enough photorealistic results and Monte Carlo sampling to achieve a level of photorealism. The next step of the process is to improve performance and reduce the time in which it takes to compute the final image. This raytracer is bound to basic objects using a random object generator to produce a mass data hierachy in order to test its effectiveness.

Once this has been achieved it will be transfered to a hardware implementation to boost performance for real time playback of any data set to be used in the arts and entertainment industry.

In order to gain access to this project you must contact the company directly so that legal documentation can be produced for Property Rights. Click Here to log-in.